Increasing the Range of Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth has become a universal means of doing everything, from speaking on a hands-free headset to transferring images from one device to another. The only thing that severely limits Bluetooth technology is range. Bluetooth is fixed to a 30-foot range for devices that want to connect to one another. If your home is large enough, you may not have been able to stream music from your phone to a Bluetooth speaker unless you had one in every room—until now.

Cassia Produces a Bluetooth “Booster”

One of the most exciting devices showcased at CES was a Bluetooth hub developed by Cassia. The specs on this device make the prospect of a Bluetooth-enabled home seem like an easy task. With a range of 1,000 feet, this device can Bluetooth-enable an entire building full of devices. Okay, so it maxes out at 22 devices, but that’s a lot for any Bluetooth tech on the market today.

How Does It Work?

From an Android or iOS device, you download an app that manages the hub. This allows one user to control which 22 devices are allowed to connect to the hub. Not only is the range of the hub 1,000 feet, but it can also make its way through up to three standard walls inside a home.

And if the user who controls the hub isn’t home, he or she can still manage it if the hub is on the home’s Wi-Fi. That’s right, this Bluetooth hub can be controlled via the Internet.

Aesthetically Pleasing and Technologically Advanced

You won’t mind having the hub on your shelf either. Whether you like modern minimalist style or have more of a classic décor, the hub has a timeless design. It is small and lightweight (less than 5 inches tall and about a pound and a half).  Other than the barely noticeable white-on-white Cassia logo, it resembles an LED pillar candle. Place it on a desk, bookshelf, or right on the floor.

At , this tech device is a steal. That should leave you with enough money to shop the hub’s accessories, which include a Bluetooth speaker and LED lighting.