iPad Mini – A Miniature Letdown

So many of us who were looking to get a smaller tablet were waiting until the release of the iPad Mini before deciding which one to get. Let’s just say I’m glad that I went with a Nexus 7. Whenever Apple releases a new product there is always a lot of excitement, and enthusiasts play up the positives. Now when it comes to this tablet, those positives exist and are not an exaggeration. But they don’t tell the whole story. Here is why you should wait for Apple to improve the Mini before getting one.

The Mini is practically weightless and is a great size for purses or coat pockets. That having been said, it isn’t anything you can’t get from a much less expensive tablet. If you spend all day on an iPad 3 and then switch to any 7-inch tablet, you are going to notice that large tablets are significantly heavier. Going back to a large tablet after a small one is tough to do.

Let’s getting one thing clear; the iPad Mini is not a smaller version of the latest iPad. It’s a miniature iPad 2. So don’t expect all of the function of an iPad 3 in a smaller case or you will be disappointed. Apple wants followers to upgrade annually though. That is why new apps and things are not always backwards compatible to older versions of iOS. This means that the shelf life on a Mini is even more limited because it is running an older version of iOS. At first, everyone is excited just to have gotten an Apple product. Next thing they know, the big question is why so many things don’t work on their year old device that their neighbor, friend, or colleague is able to do on their device. You find yourself asking, “Hey, how did you do that?” and the sad answer is, “Trade in your Apple product for a new one.”

Also, have you compared the screen specs on the Mini to those of other devices the same size? It falls far short, especially when compared to the much cheaper Kindle Fire HD. You don’t want to use this device as your primary e-reader, and seriously, who wants to have to carry a separate e-reader once you have a tablet.

If you still think this might be the device for you, then do yourself a favor. Pick up a display model and mess around on it for a while. Comparison shop. Make sure you are happy with it before you spend the extra cash to get something you will be replacing next year.