iPad Mini vs. Nexus 7: Battle of the Tablets

Apple Versus Google: 7-Inch Tablet Edition

Let’s compare some of the features of the latest 7-inch tablets from Apple™ and Google™. How does the new Google Nexus™ 7 (2013 edition) compare to the iPad mini™ with Retina Display? It’s time to take a closer look.

Let’s begin with size. Both devices are the exact same height, but the Nexus, however, is not as wide, creating a very different look. In fact, one may immediately appeal to you more than the other upon seeing them side-by-side depending on your personal preference.

As for width, while both devices are thin, the iPad mini is more than a millimeter thinner. How does this translate to weight? The Nexus is lighter, coming in at under two-thirds of a pound. The iPad is only slightly heavier, but the real surprise is that it weighs a little more than previous models; if you’re looking to upgrade from an earlier iPad mini, you may notice a slight difference.

Of course, when it comes to appearance and aesthetics, Apple always maintains an advantage, and the aluminum case on the iPad mini continues that trend. The black plastic on the Nexus isn’t bad to look at, though; it’s just that the iPad is prettier and has a nice feel to it. While both devices are easy to hold with one hand, the iPad has the advantage of not registering your thumb when it sits on the edge of the device.

Now, let’s talk display. While the resolution is higher on the iPad, the pixels per inch on both devices are just about equal since the display is slightly smaller on the Nexus. If storage is your thing, you’ll be happy with the larger storage versions of the iPad that are available. Google has only released 16 and 32 GB versions on the Nexus 7.

A faster processor and more RAM make the Nexus a powerhouse and give it a distinct advantage over the iPad. However, if battery life is a concern, the difference will be far more noticeable. The iPad can go through 10 hours of use on one full charge. The Nexus will only last a little over half of that.

In the end, if price is what is most important to you, you’ll end up with a Nexus, since you can’t beat the 0 starting price tag for the 16 GB base model. The 16 GB iPad mini, on the other hand, starts at 0.