iPhone 6 Plus is Big

iPhone 6 Plus is Big: Tech Company’s First Foray Into Phablets

Samsung has been the master of the ‘phone that’s so big it’s almost a tablet’ genre, until now that is. The iPhone 6 Plus is big; bigger than any phone that Apple has ever built and nearly as big as the Galaxy Note 4. Let’s see how the two devices stack up side by side.

Let’s set size aside for a moment, since the two devices are rather similar in both dimensions and weight. We’ll start with the backing of the device. The iPhone 6 Plus has Apple’s classic aluminum backing making it the far prettier of the two. By comparison, the Galaxy Note 4 is backed with fake leather. Of course, the faux leather may be the more comfortable to hold, but either way, you’ll have a protective case on your device, right? As for color options, the iPhone offers silver and gray while Samsung offers black, white, and pink. If you want a gold colored device, you can select either.

While the device sizes are comparable, Samsung still gives you 7% more screen size. Leave it to Apple to always have a slightly smaller screen than the competition. Samsung also has the advantage in pixels with 515 ppi versus 401 on the iPhone. Don’t forget that Samsung uses super AMOLED displays for darker blacks and better contrast.

Samsung also has the advantage with some of the extras the device offers. Power-saving features add life to the battery, which is great because Samsung usually loses out to Apple in battery life in most smartphone and tablet categories. The device also charges quickly. Reports say you should be able to take your Note from 0 to full in around an hour. The cameras are also a selling point. The Note has a 16 MP camera and a 3.7 MP front-facing camera, which is great for HD video chat and selfies. Plus, the Note comes with a micro SD slot.

Don’t count Apple out just yet. The iPhone 6 Plus is big, but that is not the end of the story. There are a lot of nice Apple features like Apple Pay, and there will be more internal hard drive options. Samsung, however, definitely has more experience in phone-tablet crossover devices