Is My Computer Compatible With Windows 11? Find Out Now

It is exciting to see how quickly technology advances. Developers are constantly writing new, innovative programs and updating old ones. Unfortunately, sometimes, the pace is so rapid that our hardware, perhaps once state-of-the-art, has been left behind and becomes incompatible with new programs and system updates. For example, right now, many users are struggling with updating their PCs to Windows 11.

If your current system was purchased over the last couple of years, it would probably be compatible with Windows 11 OS. But if you have an older computer, upgrading to Windows 11 might be complicated or impossible. There are tools on the market for checking your computer’s compatibility. However, the only sure way to check your PC’s compatibility is to manually go through your computer to check the specs, one by one, to see if your computer has all the requirements.

Windows 11 Requirements

Anytime we install software, the big question is whether your PC has sufficient resources to support running it. The basic resource requirements usually relate to RAM, the main processor, storage space and the graphics processor. For Windows 11, the list of Microsoft’s published requirements is:

Windows 11 Compatibility Check

The compatibility check might be tedious or daunting for the average user. However, as it is essential to ensure your hardware is compatible, you might consider consulting IT experts before making unnecessary investments or wasting time on something that won’t work. Either way, there are two built-in apps to check your PC to ensure it meets the minimum requirements for a Windows 11 upgrade. Here’s how they work:

You will also need an Internet connection and a screen of a minimum of nine inches diagonally. Also, the resolution must be 720p or greater. To check your PC’s display resolution:

Finally, you will need to check for a cryptographic key. A system cryptographic key is a unique code generated by a Trusted Platform Module (TPM). Upon system boot-up, if everything is secure, the key does not engage. However, the cryptographic key will stop the boot-up process if a cybercriminal has attacked and compromised your encrypted drive. The good news is that new devices have probably been armed with a TPM. Here’s how to check:

Unfortunately, most small to midsized businesses have neither the time nor the expertise to analyze system requirements on their own. In most cases, IT professionals should do these kinds of IT operations. Enlisting IT Consulting services will help you determine your system upgrade requirements and whether you need to buy new hardware for your Windows 11 update. The IT experts can also install your new operating system while ensuring you are maintaining compatibility and security protections and protocols to safeguard your hard-earned data systemwide.

IT Maintenance

IT Maintenance has become a 24/7 operation for many small to midsized businesses. Computers and all your devices must be regularly monitored and maintained. Established security protocols and defenses must also be in place.

With the expanded use of remote and work-from-home employees, having a team of IT experts to support your systems is essential for the smooth operation of your business. An IT support team can train your staff, update your software, inspect and monitor your hardware and provide iron-clad cyber security for all your devices and networks.

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