Is Online Banking Safe? If You Do It Right

Summary: This 3-minute article explores the cyber security issues related to online and mobile banking. To learn more about comprehensive cyber security services to protect all your online activities, contact GEEKAID Computer and Network Support at They offer a wide array of home and business IT solutions for your computer system and all its connected devices.

Mobile banking has been around for decades and is used more than ever. It is estimated that over 44 percent of banking is done through mobile apps. However, with the rise in online banking, cyberthieves have developed many ways to attack your online financial activities and steal your money.

Are Banking Apps Safe?

While there are no guarantees concerning cyber security, it is widely accepted that mobile banking is safe. Banks spend significant resources locking down their online banking cyber security. However, banking customers should be aware of the types of cyberattacks that are part of the current attack landscape:

Mobile Banking Security

The COVID-19 pandemic launched unprecedented levels of remote-access work. Pandemic lockdowns left employers scrambling to create new remote work models and security experts laboring to keep the post-pandemic workforce safe. Working on home networks presented many unique cyber security challenges. However, working outside your home network, using mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets and laptops, is even less secure. This means that mobile banking security is more complex than security of online banking performed in your home office. Banking while out and about presents new vulnerabilities. However, there are simple steps to make mobile banking more secure:

Online banking security is no joke. Banks work very hard to provide the most secure online banking experience. However, the care and vigilance of online banking customers, monitoring their cyber security, is essential to protecting online banking transactions. Finally, conforming to suggested best practices is part of IT maintenance and makes users part of their own cyber defense teams and will help stop financial cybercrimes before an attack.