Is Your Computer Making Noise? Time For A Computer Checkup

Summary: This 3-minute article addresses the causes of abnormal sounds coming from computers. Find out how to analyze the source of the sounds and fix it. Contact GEEKAID Computer and Network Support at for more comprehensive business IT solutions and to discuss your SMB’s IT support needs.

As we barrel through our workdays, we rarely think very much about our computers as long as they are fully functional. Computer repairs are not on our radar until something breaks down. However, when you find you’re repeatedly asking yourself, “Why is my computer so loud?” it is time to stop, look up from your screen and figure out the source of the noise. Powered-up computers are rarely completely silent. But when your computer is making strange noises that continue and gradually become louder, it could be a sign of something more severe and debilitating happening to your machine. Most often, unwanted sounds from PCs are related to the hard drive or the cooling fan. Here are some things to listen and watch for:

Many users listen to strange sounds coming out of their machines and ignore them for far too long until they can’t bear the distraction or their computer malfunctions and they can’t work. Understanding the various sounds a computer can make is essential, especially when they are signs of computer failure. You need not be a techy to realize the significance of each noise and know when it is time to seek help. By ensuring that you have a basic understanding of what different sounds mean, you may be able to fix an oncoming computer issue before your system fails. Early detection could save you a lot of money and keep your computer from going down completely.