Is Your Phone Camera Hacked? You Probably Never Considered It

Summary: This 3-minute article explains how to know if your phone camera or webcam is hacked and what you can do about it. If you have further questions, contact GEEKAID Computer and Network Support at They offer a wide array of home and business IT solutions for your computer systems.

The onslaught of the pandemic spawned unprecedented use of desktop, laptop, tablets and mobile phone cameras. Video conferencing for working and socializing quickly became part of daily routines. Unfortunately, the more connected devices are used, the more likely they are to be attacked by cybercriminals.

Can Hackers Hack Your Camera?

Cyber security is no longer an “install anti-virus software and you’re done” endeavor. Today, there are so many vulnerable elements to protect that the average user might not be aware of them all. For example, many users don’t know about camera hacking or “camfecting.”

What Is Camera Hacking?

Camera hacking is the remote activation and control of a webcam on a connected device (desktop computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone) without permission. When this breach occurs, the immediate threat is that your webcam can become a device for spying on you and your surroundings. If your webcam can see it, so can a cybercriminal.

Is My Webcam Hacked?

There are several severe threats to webcam security. The principal cyber vulnerabilities that are entry points for camera hacking are:

Signs of Camera Hacks

How can you tell if your camera is hacked? There are several key signs to look for:

Webcam hacks must be taken seriously. Businesses infected by camera hacking can lead to corporate espionage, personal attacks on employees and expansion of the overall attack landscape. In the worst-case scenarios, webcam hackers can stalk employees at the office and home or breach security footage in buildings to plan robberies and other criminal activities.

How to Prevent Camera Hacking

Fortunately, there are some simple and cost-effective ways to prevent camera hacking on your connected devices:

Every day, millions of new devices are connected to the Internet. With each new endpoint connection comes a new cyber security vulnerability. The target landscape for cybercrimes grows all the time, and threats to our privacy and the security of our data are increasing too. The only lasting solution is making cyber security a priority and using all the available tools to protect your computer systems at work and home.