IT Suggestions for SMBs

Your business may be small, but it still relies on technology fairly heavily. What can you do to make your IT run smoothly (especially since you probably don’t have the resources for an entire department)? Here are some IT suggestions for small businesses that can help you to maintain security and stability.

Update That Software

Whether it is your operating system, your web development software or Java, be sure that your software is kept up to date. These updates fix known security issues and are your first line of defense in warding off a virus.

Malware Avoidance Techniques

Let’s face it. Most people unwittingly put malware on their own machines. Hackers just leave malware lying around where we will download it unsuspectingly. With that in mind NEVER:

Create a Web Presence

Small businesses need a website and some social media content. You may also choose to have a blog. Instead of hiring out for SEO work, you may be able to take care of things yourself. A freelance writer can be your best friend if you are not a wordsmith yourself. Don’t forget to check your social media sites regularly and respond appropriately. Avoid controversial topics.

Have a Backup

Nowadays we often backup our data on the cloud, but you may also want a second computer in case of emergency. The next time you upgrade your machine, save the old one. If your current computer goes bad on you and your data is backed up in the cloud, you can pick up right where you left off (albeit on an old device). This will give you time to get your computer fixed.

Have a Service Tech On-Call

In the meantime, having a tech that you trust can allow you to get things up and running at full speed again quickly. Be sure to keep your favorite repair shop in your phone contacts. These IT suggestions for small businesses should keep things a little smoother, especially if you use a lot of technologies.