I’ve Installed Windows 10 – Now What?

For Windows 8 users, the first thing that you will notice about Windows 10 is that it is a much more user-friendly operating system. We are going to take a closer look at a few of the features that users are enjoying from the latest version of Microsoft’s OS.

The Start Menu

It’s back! While I’m sure every person on the planet didn’t hate the Windows 8 Start Screen, most of us did. The old Start Menu has returned in Windows 10, but with some significant improvements. Those tiles that you may have despised are now super convenient, allowing you to keep all of your favorite apps front and center in your customized Start Menu. The tiles have gone from an annoyance to a convenience.

Windows 10 for Mobile Devices

One of the major mistakes made with Windows 8 was Microsoft trying to develop an OS that would look and act identically across devices. It is just not reasonable because people use their tablet differently from the way that they use their desktop (and their smartphone too). In Windows 10, Microsoft finally acknowledged these differences, and while the concept is the same across devices, there are small variances that make the OS easy to use regardless of whether you are at a desk or on the go.

Apps Open in Windows

Windows are what gave the OS its name and what made it so convenient for using multiple programs at once. Windows 8 destroyed this entire concept by always going full-screen for apps. In Windows 10, everything opens in a window, even your apps. It’s perfect for using multiple apps or programs at once. Plus, there is a task view button on the taskbar that allows for quick switching even if everything is maximized.

A New Way to Browse the Internet

Goodbye, Internet Explorer, and good riddance! The world’s worst Internet browser has been replaced by Microsoft Edge, and this new browser may be enough to keep you from running for Chrome or Firefox. Microsoft Edge is fast and allows for great collaboration with the ability to mark a web hpage and forward your notes to contacts.

All-in-all, the first impressions of Windows 10 show that it is a major improvement over its predecessor.