Latest LED Bulb from Cree

The new line of LED lightbulbs being manufactured by Cree will hit stores in the US in the early Spring. While LED lighting is by no means new, these bulbs are among the first to combine a reasonable price with a substantial degree of light. This may be the first bulb to make LED lighting a legitimate alternative for homeowners, and early reviews seem positive.

There are a number of benefits to using LED lighting – they are the most energy efficient form of bulb, they are long-lasting, and use no toxic substances (for example mercury). LED lighting also has the advantage of attaining maximum brightness immediately, and emits light that is much more pleasing to the eye than that of fluorescent bulbs.

Thus far, LED purchasers have always had to choose between dropping - on a bulb, and purchasing a light so dim it’s useless. These bulbs are affordable at under , and they are the equivalent of a 40W regular bulb. 60W equivalents are also available for just more. Both bulbs provide a warm and pleasing glow that you are sure to enjoy.

Further advantages of LED lighting include their lower heat production – even after being left on for a while the bulbs are just warm, not hot. They do not produce any buzzing sound as is often the case with fluorescent lighting or odd smells as some other bulbs tend to produce. There is no filament in  LED lights, making these bulbs much more durable compared to incandescent bulbs. You won’t see energy star or the box yet – that’s still in the works, but these bulbs are super-efficient.

a bulb may still be a little too much for many to consider replacing every light in your home, but this may be another stride forward in making LED lighting a more common household product.