Make a Walkie Talkie Out of Your Mobile Phone

You may live in a big city and always have perfect cell reception, but if you were in the middle of nowhere you’d might appreciate having an alternative source with which to communicate besides your mobile phone. Let’s say you are taking a hike deep into a wooded area where cell service is sketchy or non-existent – a walkie-talkie is a great way in which to keep in touch with any member of a group that may get separated.

Now there is a much better solution than carrying your phone and a walkie-talkie – you can just turn your phone into a multi-band walkie-talkie. The DxB by Alianza is just the product for you. The device is definitely designed for outdoor use – it makes your phone much more durable by incorporating it into a case that can take a beating, and it also has its own built-in battery, accomplishing two things.

Firstly, it powers the device itself, and secondly, it also keeps your cell phone charged, particularly useful for smartphone batteries, which are notorious for not lasting very long. However, technically the DxB should still function as a walkie-talkie even if the phone battery dies.

Nevertheless, the range of the device will be at its best when the cell phone is functioning, allowing it to work as a global device – this of course also makes it possible to call out to various services in case of emergency. The company producing this product would like it to be accessible to the average consumer and not just the wealthy. While they raise production capital, the cost is at least 0.

The device is available via Kickstarter, which helps inventions like this raise capital for mass production. Until the goal is met, you’re going to have to be a pretty hardcore outdoor enthusiast to want to get your hands on one.