Making Smart Devices Smarter

Making Smart Devices Smarter: The Smarcos Project

Almost everything you buy can now be a ‘smart’ device. We have come to rely on having such things to ensure that we are connected, no matter where we are. Keeping in touch, informed, up-to-date, and involved requires minimal effort thanks to these devices on which we have come to depend. Just when you think you have all you need at your fingertips, something new comes along. This week, the newest innovation that will make our smart devices smarter, and by design, improve our lives, is the Smarcos project.

Because microchips have become ubiquitous, and their costs drastically reduced, microchips can be implanted into just about anything. Not only that, they are also capable of holding even more information than before. This has created a situation where the Smarcos project can thrive. What is this project? Basically, it is a means to link all of a person’s smart devices and track what the user does. Taking this information, the smart devices can then see patterns. Using this as a guide, the device can then predict what the user will do next. The device can then offer to carry out these tasks.

Take, for example, your health. The smart devices connected to each other can automatically set a schedule for taking medications, exercise, and offer helpful suggestions or tidbits of information on health. By linking these devices and finding patterns in a user’s habits, the device can go ahead and perform the function without having to be asked. The creators feel that the launch of the project will take place shortly. Most importantly, making smart devices smarter will be of great benefit when fully realized. In short the ‘smart’ devices we have at our fingertips will no longer need us to tell them what to do, they will already know. Smart indeed!