Master the Nuances of Using Skype

Where would modern business be without videoconferencing? Whether you’re using┬áSkype for business or to check in with loved ones who live far away, Skype is an excellent tool for getting a face-to-face experience without having to actually meet somewhere. Perhaps you held your breath, expecting the worst, when Microsoft bought the popular service a few years back. Fortunately, Skype continues to serve a very useful purpose in the modern world. Perhaps, though, there are a few features that could help you enjoy Skype even more if only you knew they existed. Here are some of our favorites.

Leave a Message at the Beep. Skype allows you to record video messages. Are you bummed that your loved one overseas was not available when you tried to call? Leave a video message and let them know you care. Your contact does not even have to be online. Just right click on their name and select the option for leaving a video message.

Profile Privacy. Did you know that Skype allows you to choose which parts of your profile are public and which are private? Edit your profile and check the right side of the page. Next to each detail about you a little note will tell you if that piece of information is public or private. Then you can adjust the settings until you feel comfortable with how much information is available to the public.

A Powerful Chatroom. Sometimes Skype alerts can get annoying when you are on your computer, but your phone and tablet are also logged in. Type /remotelogout in a chat box to log out of your profile on every device except the one you are currently using.

Using Skype is also a great way to transfer large files that you cannot send through email. Yes, you both have to be online, but it is far more convenient than downloading a program to break up a file into sendable 25MB morsels.