Keep it Safe in One Place - Office 365 Security Best Practices

The Microsoft® suite of office tools has evolved from individual products to an interconnected platform that continually updates and adds new features. You no longer have to buy upgrades or new versions to keep up with new features and software fixes. But like with any software, changes and additions increase the vulnerable surface attack area of your network.

Microsoft® Office 365 Security

The good news is that Microsoft® takes security very seriously. They build many layers of security into their programs and fix security vulnerabilities when they become apparent. Users have options in their settings to protect data created in Microsoft® applications. However, security protocols work best when everyone on your team follows them. Unless you are a one-person company, you must train employees and implement a cyber security policy that includes these procedures and more:

Hackers want to maximize their exploitation of breached accounts. To increase their infiltration level, many hackers will monitor the activity in the hacked accounts to ascertain how they can inflict the most damage and determine which data, such as company financial information or C-level executives’ files, are most valuable.

Managed IT

You’ve invested so much in your small or mid-sized business, but cybercrimes can put it all at risk. Adding productivity software such as Microsoft 365 can help your business work more efficiently. Still, now that work-from-home employees and remote access remain on the rise, network access and security must be addressed. GEEK-AID provides full business network, computer repair and IT services for small and midsized businesses. They specialize in helping their clients defend against cyberattacks with many support services provided on-site and remotely.

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