Microsoft Surface Tablet takes a bite out of Apple

The new upcoming Microsoft Surface Tablet might be shoving the iPad out of the number one spot. The tablet is targeted toward mainstream consumers to ensure record high sales.

Microsoft pushes toward making the network of the tablet Wi-Fi only, because of the possibility of having 3G/4G as an option later on. This gives the company an opportunity to keep the same model instead of taking more time to create a different version.

To make this tablet a success they will need to follow in Apple’s footsteps, but with their own spin. For example, they will need to apply profitable monthly rates to relieve consumers of another data contract.  This provides Microsoft with the upper hand in getting more people to buy their merchandise. Nobody wants to be bound with a contract that they can’t get out of.

Here are a few descriptions of the Surface Tablet:

With that being said, there will be two versions of the Surface Tablet. The first basic version will weigh about 1.5 pounds and will be 9 millimeters thick. This version will run on a low-powered style of the windows 8 operating system called RT. RT will be one of the thinnest inventions to date that will be easy for people to carry around.

The second version will be two pounds called Surface Pro and will use the more powerful Ivy Bridge processors from Intel. This version will be 13.5 mm thick and allows users to type on the keyboard, use fingers on the touch-pad screen, and write on it with stylus.

With both of these versions, this will put Microsoft on the map and give people something to talk about for a long time.

It may be a risk for Microsoft to take on this new product that compares with Apple; however with the exciting buzz it should be no problem to have high sales.

The product has a variety of different tools that will reel people into see more of its marvelous creation. It is clear that Microsoft took their time and effort into making an award-winning invention to seal the deal for consumers.

The tablet has a better chance of competing with the iPad because of all the features that the iPad doesn’t have. People are always going to want the newest technology that will surpass another product because of the generation that we are in.

So before you are done reading this blog. I’m going to give you five points as to why you should go out and buy this product:

  1. It is new!
  2. It is now a computer not just a bigger version of a phone
  3. It is easy to carry and hardly weighs anything
  4. It has so many different color keyboards that come with it—very stylish.
  5. It’s fun and easy to use

Since I gave you the inside scope of the Microsoft Surface Tablet, I think it is only fair that you go out and buy it and try it for yourself. I do think that Apple may need to be on their toes about this tablet, because it will give them a run for their money!