Motorcycle Heads-Up Display

Motorcycle Driving Catches Up to the 21st Century With “Smart” Helmets

No, this isn’t just something that you’re going to see in an action film about an international super spy. Soon, you will be able to have a heads-up display (HUD) in your very own motorcycle helmet. What will you see, and how will it help you enjoy your ride? Read on to learn more about the imminent future of motorcycle riding.

In a car, when a driver has to take their eyes of the road to check instruments, the effects can be disastrous. Now multiply that times 100, and you have an idea of what motorcyclists deal with. The idea, then, is to place important information where it can be seen without taking your eyes off the road, but just out of the range where it would be distracting. That’s what a helmet with an HUD can do.

There are already several such helmets on the market, but what is exciting about a new device from Ride is that it can be placed into any full-faced helmet that you already own. There’s no need to replace your current beloved head protection.

How does it work? The device can be paired with your smart phone using an app made by the same company and used to download all sorts of nifty data to the HUD. You can see how far you have traveled and how fast you are going, but you can also look at maps, check the weather, and take stills or video of what you are seeing.

It may not be the first HUD on the market for motorcycle drivers, but it is the first that lets you keep your helmet. So instead of buying a new helmet with a built-in HUD, you can upgrade your current one for just under 0.