One-Eyed Underwater Observer

Have you ever wanted your own private single-occupancy submarine? Your wait is almost over. I’m not talking about just a few hundred feet underwater, either. The Cyclops can take you nearly 10,000 feet underwater for some deep-sea exploration. Read on to learn more about this amazing high tech toy.

Where did the small craft get its name? It’s not difficult to figure out once you see the designs for it. The observation portal looks like one giant eye, and it gives the pilot a 180°-view of the ocean deep.

How far along is the project? The hull design has recently been finalized. It is carbon fiber and seven inches thick. This ensures that the vehicle will be able to handle the water pressure at depths of 3,000 feet where it can reach 4,300 pounds per square inch. The hull will also be useful in minimizing the overall weight of the submersible.

How long will you be able to explore the ocean with one of these devices before you need to come up for air? At this time, it is estimated that the life support will be able to handle as much as eight hours of dive time. You’ll be able to get a good long look at marine life and more. Also, while remote devices need to be tethered to the surface for a power supply or to send data, this machine won’t be limited by such connections.

How will you know which way is up? It’s simple; the seat pivots. The pilot will always be parallel to the surface whether the vehicle is diving or cruising through the ocean. If you’re searching for buried treasure, though, you’ll want to wait on the heavier duty model, which can take a passenger close to 20,000 feet below sea level.