Pain Relief That You Can Wear

A new pain relieving system will soon be available that looks and acts like a bandage – all you have to do is put one of these over your boo-boo and activate it from your phone. It’s better than having mom kiss it and make it all better!

The patch is based on nerve stimulation – if you’ve ever been to the chiropractor you may have had this performed. The abbreviation TENS is used (Transcutaneous Electronic are the other two words in the acronym) for the process. It essentially uses a low voltage electric current to treat pain without causing damage to the body or electrocution like a high voltage jolt would.

The company Thimble Bioelectrics is working on a tiny version of a TENS machine that could be carried around on the skin wherever and whenever you happen to experience pain – the idea is to have the machine run using an app on your smartphone so that you can adjust the settings and manage your pain effectively on the go.

Where did they ever come up with the idea for something like this? The CEO of the company himself suffers from frequent pain in his arms and back and struggled to find anything that worked for him despite spending a good deal of money on various treatments – he finally decided to take matters into his own hands and develop something himself, leading to the idea of a portable pain relief system.

About 1.5 billion people walk around every day in pain, and many of the treatments they try are expensive, ineffective, or cause terrible side effects. This may be a simple and effective, side effect free solution to alleviate pain for one fifth of the population of the planet.

The company is hoping to have their product ready by the end of the year – in the meantime, if you know iOS and need a job you may be able to help them get their phone app ready in time for its release!