Prevent Yourself From Becoming an Online Victim

The digital world is a dangerous place. There are vultures are out there, who only want to take advantage of you and steal your personal information. However, being vigilante will prevent you from becoming an online victim. At Geek Aid, we are all about cyber security. Here are a few ways that you can protect yourself from dangerous hackers.

Avoid Becoming an Online Victim by Ignoring Dangerous Links

We have discussed the perils of clicking on dangerous links before. They mostly come through emails. That’s why emails have filters to weed out junk mail. They are most likely coming from malicious sites. Never click on an unknown link.

Question Suspicious Emails

Some hackers are clever. They will pretend to be legitimate sources and convince you to give them your personal information. Check the email address to see if it looks suspicious. If they say you owe money, call the company directly and check with a representative to find out if the email is real.

Be Careful What Information You Share Online

Hackers are often able to trick people because they monitor the information they are putting on social media. They will use your interest, location data, and other public knowledge to try and fool you. You can restrict this information by adjusting the privacy settings on all of your social media accounts. Some allow you to restrict who can see what you post, keeping your information invisible from unwanted eyes.

Make Your Passwords Complex and Unknown

We know that passwords can be hard to remember, but you should never use words or phrase that relate to you. This will leave you vulnerable, especially if you use your password as a username elsewhere or if it’s related to information that is public. It is best to create something complex like these:

Ensure that you are hack-proof and protected from becoming an online victim. Remember, always stay safe in the digital world.