PRISM: So You Weren’t Paranoid After All

It’s all but been confirmed via the director himself – the NSA is using the biggest internet and communications companies to keep an eye on… well… everything. Of course, according to government sources no US citizens are being targeted, just non-Americans living outside of the country. Any information being collected on citizens is considered incidental to the additional information gathering being carried out to seek out and track terrorists.

The best part is it’s all completely legal! Congress passed Section 702 back in 2007 -in fact, they’ve reconfirmed it every three months since then to continue allowing the NSA to spy in this manner. The government’s biggest issue with this becoming public is that terrorists now know that the NSA has their hand in every pie. Every terrorist on the planet is about to dump their Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T service for another carrier. They’ll trash their Apple products, stop performing Yahoo and Google searches, and will never keep anything in the cloud again.

So what do the major online companies say about feeding data to the NSA? Everyone is taking their turn claiming they had no idea – Apple’s CEO said he knew nothing of this despite the fact that the leak shows that Apple was just brought on board with Prism last year. Microsoft belied claims of being the first company brought in back in 2007. Google and Facebook also have no recollection of the events in question. All of the major companies claimed they only comply with providing data to legal entities about individuals if the claims have backing and a warrant has been issued.

In the meantime, most of the country has been divided into two groups by the news – those who “told you so,” and those who seem to honestly not be able to care less. Which type are you?