Protecting Your Computer From Physical and Systemic Damage

Summary: This 3-minute article explores how you can seriously damage your computer through neglect and lack of ongoing maintenance. Learn best practices for protecting your computer system and all its devices. For a detailed analysis, contact GEEKAID Computer and Network Support at to discuss the best IT maintenance solutions for you, your business and all its connected devices.

Prevent and Protect

The life span of a computer often depends on how it’s maintained. Unfortunately, many users are not diligent in the care of their devices. In fact, users often ignore warning signs of breakdowns to come and simple computer care best practices can increase the longevity of the machine and avoid costly computer repairs:

Also, it is not a good practice to let your laptop entirely run out of power. Letting it zero out too often will diminish battery life.

Protecting Computers From Viruses

Cybercrime has skyrocketed since the vast increase in remote-access work spawned by the pandemic. Being cautious about what you click on, open, and download is only part of practicing robust cyber security. Your caution is not enough to protect your connected devices. Hackers are constantly developing new attack methods as the target landscape grows. Anti-Virus programs are essential for computer health. Good programs are updated continuously for new virus definitions, and scans can be set to be continuous with alerts and automatic quarantining at the sign of malware threats. Other basic cyber security best practices include password storage and management, multi-factor authentication and knowledge of the cyber scams to watch out for. Also, keeping your software (including system software) up to date is another layer of security. Security glitches found in previous versions of applications are often fixed in new updates and are at no additional cost to the user. Cyber security is no longer an afterthought. Suppose you are uncertain about the best anti-virus protection for you or your company. In that case, it is worth the expense to engage professional IT consulting services to help you make an informed decision.

Everything ages, but if you follow some of the best practices we’ve discussed herein, you can get a healthier and longer lifespan for your computers.