Repair Your Broken Laptop Screen

Through some unfortunate circumstances, you have broken your laptop screen. What used to be your operating system’s display is now obscured by cracks and dead pixels. Unlike a computer monitor, you cannot just unplug the display and replace it with a new one so easily. You may even have to buy a whole new laptop. Before you start to run around in circles, crying out to sky “WHY?! OH! WHY ME?!!!” we may have a better alternative. With the right tools, you can fix the problem yourself and repair your broken laptop screen.

Access Your Laptop’s Damage

It’s important to examine the exact damage to your laptop, which can be the difference between you spending money to fix it yourself or having a professional do it. Also, you don’t want to risk fixing the issue only to have something else be the cause of your display issues. For example, if you accidentally hit the screen with something, your display is most likely the only thing damaged. On the other hand, if you dropped your laptop, you should consider buying a new one.

Most stores or computer repair shops can take a look at your laptop and let you know what you need to do. If you want to find out for yourself if the actual laptop is working, here are the steps you should take. First look for a VGA or HDMI port. Using one of these ports and their respective wires, you can connect your computer to your television. This process will display the images that should be on your laptop screen onto your TV screen. If everything looks fine on your television, then everything should be in working order. Your computer’s graphics card and other internal components haven’t taken any damage.

Buy an LCD Screen

Using your television as a display is a temporary solution to getting stuff done. This setup is not exactly ideal for a person on the move. Connecting the two devices is meant to make your laptop accessible until you can afford to have it repaired or buy the tools you need to fix it yourself.

If you decide to fix your computer, start searching online for a new LCD screen. Buying a new screen online is a rather straightforward and affordable option. Most online retailers (Amazon, Best Buy, etc.) will have the exact replacement that you need. To find the right screen, look up your laptop’s model number.

Replacing Your Broken Laptop Screen

Once you have the screen in your possession, you’ll need a Philips screwdriver, a needle to remove stickers on the laptop’s panel, a flat tool (like a knife) to remove laptop panel, and a container for keeping screws together. Make sure that you have a proper table with enough space to work. For safety reasons, you need to remove your laptops power cord and battery before fixing the display.

On the panel that covers your laptop screen, there are stickers. Remove the sticker to see if there are any screw. Remove any screws holding the panel in place. Next, you are going to carefully use the knife to pry the panel from the back of the laptop case. Once the laptop’s screen is completely exposed, unscrew the screws holding it to the back of the case. After detaching the broken laptop screen from the back panel, unplug it, plug in the new screen and follow these steps in reverse order.

Your computer should be back to its original condition, and you are ready to use it any and everywhere. Need a little help? Call Geek Aid.