Computer Restarts: How Often Should I Restart My Computer?

“Should I restart my computer every day?” “When do I need to restart?” “When do I need to worry about software updates?” These questions have been part of the computer user’s lexicon since CPUs became part of mainstream society. The resounding answer to these questions is “Every day!” There are many reasons to restart your computer daily as part of your overall IT maintenance:

There are many benefits to restarting your computer daily. However, not all computer issues are as easily fixed. The more your small or midsized business grows, the more you will need additional and readily available IT expertise. Your time is too valuable to spend hours analyzing and fixing computer problems (probably not your area of expertise), and severe computer issues can stop your business cold. Managed IT Services can be a cost-effective way for the ongoing monitoring of your system and network to avoid potential breakdowns and security threats.

The field of IT consulting is replete with one-person-shop techies who try to offer every possible IT service to their clients or employers. As knowledgeable and experienced as they might be, they cannot specialize in everything. GEEK-AID® Computer and Network Support specializes in customized Managed IT Services for small to midsized businesses. GEEK-AID®’s team of experts is comprised of specialists in different areas of IT services, serving clients on-site and remotely. The GEEK-AID® team doesn’t clock out at five o’clock on Friday. They are available 24/7 to ensure your computers, network and data stay healthy and secure. As your business grows, expands its network and adds more devices such as smart controls, wireless access and remote access, your network vulnerability and need for regular IT support will grow, too. Hardware and software installation and maintenance, repair, security and network protection must be consistent, proactive and not wait for a system failure or data breach.

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