Safe@Home System

An In-Home Sensor Can Get Seniors Timely Care in Case of a Fall

For older ones, falling may become a constant fear. A serious fall can result in the loss of independence, and perhaps even relocation to a nursing home. Receiving expedient care is important in case a fall occurs. Unfortunately, for many seniors who live alone, it could be hours before they make it to a phone or have anyone find them in their injured state. That’s why several German companies have joined forces to create the safe@home automated system.

Sensors are in place on the ceiling of each room of the home. These sensors watch for signs that the person has fallen and is not getting up. It also listens for the accompanying cries for help. If such signs are detected and the person has not righted themselves in a reasonable amount of time, the system automatically kicks into action. What does that action involve?

The first thing it does is call the resident. That way if the fall was detected in error, the person has the chance to pick up the phone and let the system no there is no crisis at hand. If not, the system will call out to everyone it is programmed to. This may include emergency services, family members, and friends who serve as emergency contacts.

What are some other advantages of this system? All of the user’s personal information stays in house, so their privacy is not affected as it might be with an external monitoring company. The system does not require any maintenance from the user, so you don’t have to worry about grandma climbing a chair to change a battery. The system does not require home alteration to be installed, making it a cheaper alternative than some other systems.

Look for this system to be available by the end of 2014.