Send Texts from Literally Anywhere

It’s nice to get away from it all on vacation or extreme sports adventures, but it’s also great to have a link to the outside world for emergencies. Well, now there is a better way to survive a bad situation than having to saw off your own arm or drink your own urine. Text Anywhere lives up to its name via satellite link.

With Text Anywhere, you don’t even need cell phone service. It simply increases your phone’s range to virtually anywhere. Any device that can use Wi-Fi can be linked up. So you can message using your phone, tablet, or laptop. It’s also web-based instead of operating system-based, so it works well with nearly any device. If you don’t have a clear sky view, you may not get reception. Plus, certain countries like North Korea and Cuba block the signal. Otherwise, you should be okay from virtually anywhere.

You don’t get enough bandwidth to anything beyond text. And you won’t get a media message like an image through, so keep your text to fewer than 160 characters. Emails that only use text will also work. Text Anywhere is a two-way street, so you can receive as well as send. You connect to it just like you would any other wireless signal, and then you are all set to send and receive text messages.

Don’t confuse this device with inReach, which was specifically designed to be able to get rescued in an emergency situation. While you can use the device to contact someone in an emergency, it doesn’t send off the same kind of homing signal for would-be rescuers. It’s really more for keeping in touch when you are out of civilization and not in an emergency.

Don’t forget the batteries. You’ll need four AA batteries for this device. Without the batteries, it weighs less than half of a pound. Also, if you are traveling by car, you have the option to plug it in and use your car’s power instead of battery life.

All the fees are pretty straightforward. You pay a one-time fee to get the device and 100 messages. Then you pay per message after that. Rates are a little steep, but you get what you pay for.