Smart PJs, Complete With Bedtime Stories

No kid wants to put their pajamas on. It’s a sure sign that mom and dad are expecting you to brush your teeth and go to bed. But what if those pajamas meant that you were about to get a story read to you? Perhaps that might sweeten the deal enough to end the struggle. So how do these interactive pajamas work?

These onesie PJs are stylishly designed in a polka dot fashion – each dot contains a story. An app on your smartphone allows you to scan the dot and load the story to be read.  So far these bedtime story laden PJs have been made available in four different sizes for kids of varying ages, both boys or girls. The dots are in shades of blue and green regardless of gender, but the logos and piping are different colors for each gender (not surprisingly, blue for boys and pink for girls).

How much can you expect to pay for a pair of pajamas that also acts as an e-book? Not as much as you may have thought – these interactive PJs are just . But what about when all the stories have been read? There’s no word on that yet – it seems that for now you will just have to repeat. Don’t forget where a dot is if your kid loves a particular story, otherwise finding it again could be a nightmare!

The way kids pick up on technology these days it might not be long before they’re asking to borrow your phone so they can load up different stories. Next you’ll be getting a tug on your pant leg to come and read a story. These PJs may mean more for some parents than just avoiding a fight to get your kid to bed – it may result in some much needed quality time for you and your child to both enjoy.