Stay Dry With The Air Umbrella

Stay Dry With The Air Umbrella: (Although You May Look Crazy)

There have been many attempts over the years to improve on the umbrella. Most have flopped, with the exception of adding a pushbutton to open them. Chinese designers, however, may finally have come up with the future of the umbrella. The device uses air to create an invisible force field that pushes away the rain. You might look crazy until every notices you actually stay dry with the air umbrella. Then your invisible umbrella will be the talk of the town, and that’s not the only benefit.

The device operates on a lithium battery (don’t run out into a storm if it’s not charged). The air expulsion from the device creates a protective layer that should be able to keep two people dry in a storm—more if it’s not raining very hard and/or you are all close friends.

There are three different models in production. The smallest device is only a foot long and weighs just over a pound. It can protect you from a sudden storm, but battery life is only about 15 minutes. The second is almost two feet long and weighs less than two pounds. It can be used for up to 30 minutes at a time. The third version can be extended to over two and a half feet and still weighs less than two pounds. The battery also lasts 30 minutes on this one, but the extra height adds extended coverage.

The air umbrella is trying to raise funds on Kickstarter right now. They’ve already hit their fundraising goal, but are continuing to take preorders. The lowest pledge for a preorder, at the time this article was written, was 8.00. If you are looking to stay dry with the air umbrella, deliveries will begin at the end of next year.