Supersonic Business Airplane

Flight Time Cut in Half for Shakers and Movers with New Supersonic Business Airplane

Spike Aerospace, an aircraft company from Boston, is set to release a supersonic business airplane. The S-512 will reach speeds above Mach 1.6 and will surpass the speed limit of all other jets in its class. So far, the fastest commercial jets on the market have yet to reach Mach 1.This superspeed jet is specifically designed to appeal to businesspeople who need to get from one place to another as quickly as possible. It will enable a flight of up to 18 people to travel across oceans in half the time it would take a normal plane.

For example, a trip from New York City to London would normally take six to eight hours. The S-512 will be able to do it in three to four. This could give businesses a competitive edge as unnecessary airtime is eliminated. Costing upwards of million, the S-512 provides both speed and luxury.

The S-512 is still in the developmental stage but those at Spike Aerospace say that it will be able to fly up to around 4,500 miles. It will be 131 feet long, with a cabin that is 40 feet long and 6 feet high. Its wingspan will be somewhere around 60 feet.

One of the main problems that the designers at Spike Aerospace are facing is in regards to the sonic boom. They must keep the sonic boom levels to what is accepted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Even though this is potentially a large problem to overcome, the company is optimistic. They hope to release the S-512 in 2018.

The achievements of Spike Aerospace showcase how far the airplane has come in the more than 110 years since man took his first flight. A supersonic business airplane is only the beginning of what mankind will do to achieve greatness and reach new heights.