The Scary 8 Words: The file or directory is Corrupted and Unreadable

Summary: This 3-minute article highlights the basics of troubleshooting a computer that won’t boot up and what to try before calling IT experts. Computer repairs and maintenance are more complex than ever. Contact GEEKAID Computer and Network Support at for remote and onsite repairs and maintenance.

Computer Troubleshooting

Remember when we all feared turning on our computer only to face a blank “blue screen?” Well, the colors may have changed to computer “black screen,” but the bottom line is the same: You hit the power button, and your computer won’t boot up. The shock and frustration are always the same when your PC, tablet or laptop won’t start.

The good news is that if your laptop won’t start or your office PC is down, there are some simple things to address before calling in professional IT consulting services:

Stay Calm. Your Data is Probably Safe

Facing a “dead” computer can really make the average user panic. As a result, the operations of small to midsized businesses can come to a grinding halt. However, take heart in the fact that most computers fail from hardware issues. Unless your network has been the victim of an undetected cyberattack or your hard drive has been completely corrupted, your private data, emails, photos, music, videos and other personal files are likely safe and intact. However, if you cannot quickly identify the cause of your bootup problems and get back up promptly, you should consider employing IT experts.

SMBs Should Get Help From Professional IT Consulting Services

IT professionals can help SMBs make informed and cost-conscious decisions about computer repairs and how best to protect and maintain the integrity of your network. They can also ensure your system has strong network security from the start. In addition, when your system goes down, they can help you get back up and running fast. Also, continuing remote and onsite IT support will help maintain your system and keep it running as safely and efficiently as possible.

GEEK-AID® Computer and Network Support specializes in customized computer network installation, repairs, integration, upgrades, and maintenance for small to midsized businesses. GEEK-AID®'s team of experts is comprised of top specialists in different areas of IT services, serving clients onsite and remotely for Macs, PCs and all your connected devices, including new ones that are part of the ever-expanding IoT. They can answer all your IT questions from “Why is my system running slower than usual?” to “Can I add 10 more CPUs to my network?” More importantly, when your business network goes down, they will perform onsite computer repairs if required. And the GEEK-AID® team doesn't clock out at five o'clock on Friday. They are available to you 24/7, remotely or in person, to ensure your computers, network and data stay up-to-date, healthy and secure. As your business grows, expands its network and adds more devices such as smart controls, smart devices, wireless access and remote access, your network's cybercrime vulnerability and need for cyber security will grow, too. IT support is not just for emergencies. In addition to integrating your system operations and maintaining hardware, software and security, employee training must also be ongoing. New users and new devices will require additional training to use those devices efficiently. Hardware and software installation and maintenance, repair, cyber security and network protection are inter-related concerns. They must be addressed consistently and proactively to best support the seamless operation of your company, minimizing costly and time-consuming IT-related mistakes.

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