The Toys “R” Us Tabeo – A Tablet for Tots

Kids want to play with whatever they see their parents using. The problem is it is usually a laptop, a smart phone, or a tablet all of which is easily breakable and would cost hundreds of dollars to replace.

The solution: Make one for kids. This isn’t a novel idea. Plenty of other companies have released tablets for kids. But now Toys “R” Us has entered the market with Tabeo. A smart business move since it seems like every kid you see nowadays has a tablet in hand playing games and watching shows.

This is a great middle ground tablet. It’s not going to be the same as handing them an iPad, but it has a much better processing speed than some kids’ tablets. One gigabyte of RAM makes for fast downloads of child friendly apps. It has 4 gigabytes of built in memory. It also has a front facing camera, since kids love looking at themselves on the screen and snapping pictures. The 7 inch touch screen has an 800 by 480 max resolution. Plus, it is Wi-Fi enabled and has a slot for micro-SDHC cards.

It even has its own family friendly app store. The Tabeo app store has over 7,000 apps all together. That’s besides the 50 pre-installed apps that you get. Each one has been picked for being entertaining and educational for kids to use. And yes, everyone’s favorite, “Angry Birds”, is one of the featured apps.

Of course, any time a kid gets on the internet, parents should be concerned with what they might get into. Tabeo features settings for 8 different users, so you can control what your kids get to do and see on the internet. Additional security features include the ability to determine the hours your kid can use the tablet. There are 27 preset categories of content that you can choose to block. E-mail alerts can be sent to you if your child tries to bypass the content settings.

A green bumper that goes all around the tablet is cute and protects it from the bumps that it is bound to take as your kid swings it around. If green isn’t your thing, you can accessorize and have one of the other available colors for a nominal fee.

This fun product for your child will be available on October 21 and comes with the not-so-hefty price tag of 9.99.