Upgrading a Computer: How Long Should A Desktop Computer Last?

Summary: This 2-1/2 minute article explains what you need to know about upgrading a computer before your system slows down and affects productivity. Don’t wait for your old computers to fail. Instead, contact GEEKAID Computer and Network Support at https://www.geek-aid.com/ to schedule a hardware services analysis.

One of the side effects of the current remote access hybrid work environment is that employees working from home might not be tech-savvy enough to know when their work-from-home-hardware is showing signs of age. Working on the same desktop or laptop computer every day, most remote users could take a while before realizing that their technology is slowing their work down. Do your SMB’s remote users know when to upgrade, repair or replace computer hardware?

Here are some basic questions to ask when evaluating the state of your SMB’s computer hardware:

To Repair or Replace? How Do You Know?

Although there are exceptions, most IT experts believe that once a computer is 3-5 years old, it is only a matter of time before it fails in some way. However, a laptop’s life expectancy is often shorter as mobility adds to the wear and tear on the machine. Also, upgrading and expandability are limited due to size, and physical repairs are more complicated than they are for desktop computers.

After the 3- to 5-year period or the past, the warranty period, hardware upgrading and replacement become a priority. Hard drive failures and bad memory become more likely as time passes. Therefore, it is a standard best practice to have secure backups of your company’s data in case of a system failure or data breach.

Some repairs can be inexpensive. However, it is essential to have IT professionals evaluate what needs to be repaired and if the rest of your system is up to date. New hard drives and replacement of other components and system updates can often be cost-effective and straightforward fixes.

Upgrading a Computer is Sometimes Enough

Some simple upgrades can enhance computer performance:

IT professionals Can Do Onsite Upgrades and Replacements

Before wasting money on expensive repairs or replacements, it is wise to enlist IT consulting services to help you make an informed and cost-conscious decision.

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