Waiting Patiently for Google Glass

What is Google Glass? It’s the first wearable mobile device. Resembling a pair of glasses, Google Glass can answer your questions, perform searches, give directions, check the weather and more. It’s meant to be an experience that blends into the real world, instead of replacing it like a pair of virtual-reality glasses would. Most responses are audio and visual and happen on a small screen in the peripheral vision of your right eye. Videos from beta testers have everyone really excited about this product. So when will we see it?

If you’ve been waiting patiently for a shot at purchasing Google Glass, I have some bad news. You’re going to have to wait a little longer. According to the FAQ on the official Google site, it will be 2014 before the device becomes available for retail purchase. In the meantime, some more prototypes will be going out in 2013 to boost excitement over the product even more.

You must keep in mind that the beta testers that you see walking around with these beauties paid a heavy price for their advance product. Google didn’t just hand these out. When Google sold pre-orders in 2012, ,500 was the asking price to wear Google Glass two years early. If more go out this year, how much would you be willing to pay for one in advance? Don’t answer before you’ve watched a few videos. These aren’t your grandma‚Äôs reading glasses.

Again, Google says that more people will be getting Glass this year. How much it will cost both Google and the general public in 2014 remains a mystery for now. We’ll just have to keep watching the videos and be patient for a little bit longer until there is a definite release date and price.