Worried About an SSD Failure? – Know the Signs of a Drive Failure

Unlike Hard Drives (HDDs), Solid State Drives (SSDs) do not make noise. As a result, those who own computers with SSDs can no longer count on noticing the signs of hard drive failure by the sound of a slowing, stuttering, whirling disk in your computer’s drive. Alas, the bad hard drive symptoms we were all familiar with no longer apply.

SSDs do not have moving parts. But they require other components such as capacitors and power supplies. These components can malfunction, especially as a result power surges and power failures. For example, the wrong power surge at the wrong time might corrupt some existing data without completely knocking out the drive. Finally, all flash memory has limited read/write cycles, which means they will eventually wear out.

But SSDs are very durable and reliable. With each improved generation, many of the read-write issues of the past have been resolved, and your SSDs should last a long time. However, nothing lasts forever, so it is vital to recognize the signs of SSD drive failure.

Signs of SSD Failure

General Warning: Corrupt File System Restoration can lose data in the process. Back up all your data regularly. Decide what schedule works best for you and maintain it.

Regular IT maintenance can help a small to midsized business owner keep computers and networks healthy and fully functional and reduce the chances of SSD and HDD failures. IT professionals can recognize bad hard drive symptoms and solid-state drive failures before they affect your business.

Case Studies

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