Where Is Your Dog? Ask Its Smart Collar

The number of high-tech collars for dogs are growing. Whether you want to know where your wandering pet has gotten to, or you just want to check on its health while you are out of town, smart collars are a great way to keep tabs your four-legged friend.

In the US, the number of dogs is approximately 80 million. That means that about two out of every five households have one. That’s a greater number of homes than those with children. It’s no wonder then that technology manufacturers are looking to cash in on this huge market. Let’s look at the features of just a few of these high-tech doggie devices.

First of all is a product called the Whistle. It keeps track of how active your dog is, which is an important element in knowing if your pet is feeling okay. You can get on your computer or download an app and check on your dog from a mobile device.

Just put in some information about your dog, including the breed, weight and age and the device will let you know how your particular dog behaves in comparison to similar dogs. Even if the information doesn’t personally do you a lot of good, your vet may appreciate having it when you come in for a check-up.

The device only weighs about half an ounce, and it will blink to let you know when the battery needs to be recharged (every 10 days or so). The docking station for recharging is magnetic. You can pick it up for under a hundred bucks and there aren’t any monthly fees associated with the device.

Another device, called Tagg, gives you full access to your dog’s GPS location, along with accelerometer data. Your dog is given points based on activity. Recommended daily goals can be compared to your dog’s score to see if your pet is getting the proper amount of exercise. The device is the same price as the Whistle, but the advanced tracking technology comes at a monthly cost.

A number of other devices either presently exist or are in the works, so do your homework and outfit your dog with the right smart collar for your needs.