Which Comes First: iPad 5 or iPad Mini 2?

Apple fans are going through withdrawal – spring has come and gone with no new releases of updated products! The spring release has been the company’s hallmark for several years now. So how much longer do we have to wait to pick up an iPad 5 or an iPad Mini 2? Don’t hold your breath unless you want to pass out.

It looks like the iPad 5 is first up for release, with Apple hoping to hit Q3. The iPad Mini 2 on the other hand may not come out until November. Some features you will want to look out for on the iPad 5 include a sleeker bezel to resemble the Mini, and a thinner panel to trim down what is presently the heavyweight of name-brand full-size tablets.

Why is Apple holding back the release of the Mini? With people craving smaller tablets, the iPad is losing ground to its own little sister tablet. Now that a retina display is anticipated for the iPad Mini 2, it is likely this trend will grow even stronger. Releasing the iPad 5 first will give it a couple of months on the market without a fancy smaller alternative.

Of course, the release dates may have less to do with sales and more to do with production. If a suitable supply of both devices can’t be produced at the same time, a slightly longer wait for release may be preferable to being unable to obtain the device after release, which can be super disappointing for fans.

Regardless of the reason for the wait, fans of the Apple brand are anxiously awaiting any news on these products. We haven’t gone this long without new Apple products in a long time, but it seems likely that little tidbits of information will start to fall any time now – look for details on the latest version of iOS soon!