Which Tablet to Buy for Your Kid

Who says technology and kids don’t mix? The fact is—and you already know this if you have a child—there’s no way to keep those inquisitive eyes (and, ultimately, hands) off of your tablet. So how do you keep your kid’s fingers off of your work and personal devices? Simple: Get them their own.

Durability is obviously going to be the most important feature; kids can break just about anything, and technology is relatively fragile, so shop around for the most indestructible tablet you can get. Regardless of the model you choose, it’s still a good idea to teach your kid play nice with it: Rubber grips that help your child hold on to the device are a nice touch, and bumpers on the corners and edges help when the device inevitably hits the floor.

Another thing to consider is technical specs. Before you brush the idea off, consider this: Children know when they are being duped. If they see your device responds instantly and has great picture quality and theirs slow to respond and pixelated, you better believe they will still be reaching for the real deal.

You also want to find a device with the right parental controls. Just because you child isn’t old enough to intentionally get in trouble online doesn’t mean they can’t do it accidentally by clicking buttons. Be sure you can control content and purchases. And make sure the device you choose can use the apps your child has been playing with on your device, or they’ll still want to borrow yours all the time.

What are a few devices to look into? Some good starting places include the Vtech Innotab 3S, LeapPad Ultra and the Nabi Jr. Samsung also makes a kids version of the Galaxy Tab.

You’ll spend a few extra dollars, but you won’t have to worry about sharing your tablet. Plus, it’s pretty easy to turn these into educational devices.