Who is Using My Netflix Account? And My Facebook And Gmail?

Summary: This 2-3 minute article explains how you can find out who is using your Netflix, Facebook and Gmail accounts without your permission. Find out what you can do about it. Then, contact GEEKAID Computer and Network Support, the IT experts, at https://www.geek-aid.com/ to schedule a complete system analysis.

Hackers are constantly working on finding new ways to breach your data and private information. The cybercriminal target landscape grows daily. Even if you are a user who is always conscious of cyber security, when a new cybercrime hits the internet, you may not be prepared.

Users have been conditioned over the years to believe that they’ll be warned of any potential threats if they have strong virus protection. Unfortunately, cybercriminals have also been conditioned to know their best targets are users who have become complacent and have a false sense of security. Here are a few samples of online accounts and how you can tell if unauthorized users have breached them:

How to Check Gmail Login History

For some people, a breach of their Gmail account opens many doors to potentially hacking their emails, contacts, searches, photos, login history, and other private data components. Fortunately, Google has a way to check what devices are or have been logged onto your Gmail account:

Someone is Using My Facebook Account Without My Permission

Just as with a Gmail account, Facebook has a way to check what devices are logged into your account and where they are located:

Who Is Using My Netflix?

During the pandemic, lots of people share their online streaming accounts. Family separation and quarantines left many people isolated and bored. Most users didn’t think twice about sharing their passwords for streaming platforms with other family members and friends. Netflix is easily shared. However, you could be booted off if too many users are logged on to your Netflix account. Fortunately, the problem can be easily resolved:

IT Professionals Can Provide Network Security

Network Security is too important to be left to chance. Your private data must be proactively protected, including robust methods to safeguard email accounts, SNS platforms and streaming services. Even tech-savvy users would be wise to engage professional IT consulting services to perform a complete system analysis. They can identify cyber vulnerabilities and provide state-of-the-art solutions to protect your systems. Whether you are the owner of an SMB or a home user, IT professionals can keep your network running smoothly and securely. A modest investment in professional IT assistance is a smart way to protect your data and free your time to concentrate on more important tasks.

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