Why You Can’t Just Throw Old Company Computers Away

Here are two primary reasons you can’t just throw away your old devices when the company updates them. First of all, it is terrible for the environment. Second, it is not a secure way to dispose of data. Let’s look at some better ways to get rid of old company computers than just dumping them into a landfill.

The Effect on the Planet

Most technology contains chemicals that should not be leeching into the Earth. Some common contaminants are:

You don’t want any of that getting into the ground water, so consider these alternatives.

Proper Disposal Methods of Old Company Computers

Before You Dispose of Old Equipment

Whether you are selling one of the old company computers, donating it, or dropping it off to be disposed of properly, keep in mind this one important thing. Make sure that no one can access your old data—and reformatting is not enough. Here are some tips for properly wiping stored data.

Now you know how to protect the environment, protect your data, and maybe even make a few dollars in the process when it comes time to upgrade your work devices.