Will Tablets Replace PCs?

Since the release of the first iPad nearly two years ago, the tablet industry has seen a huge growth in sales. Apple CEO Tim Cook even announced that tablets will overtake PC sales by the end of 2012.

According to an infographic by Huguesrey, 79% of tablet users who used to get their news from a desktop or laptop now get it from their tablets. Does this mean you don’t need a PC anymore? There is no doubt that tablets are insanely popular, but will they ever completely replace PCs? Will we reach a post-PC era?

In general, every household has at least one PC or laptop and every office has multiple. PCs are everywhere. It has become a trusted friend over the past decade as it connects users to the world. A desktop screen is bigger than a tablet’s and I think this is a key benefit as it enhances the user’s experiences. Also, typing a complete document on a PC is a lot more convenient than typing it on a tablet.

Aside from these, you simply cannot ignore the fact that desktop computers have more power, storage (especially compared to the iPad) and better processors – thus better results in a timely manner. I think you can conclude that desktop computers allow a user to multi-task more effectively than on a tablet. Also, you’ll notice a stolen desktop computer before you notice a missing tablet (due to its smaller size), right?

What benefits do tablets have to offer? One of the key drivers of tablet purchases is the portability factor. A desktop might change its position in your house a few times in its life, yet tablets are moving towards becoming basic carry-on items. Because of its size, you can easily carry it with you in a handbag, backpack, etc. According to BaselineMag.com, 78% of tablet owners use the device in bed and 30% use it in a restaurant – that’s how convenient a tablet’s portability can be in the eye of the consumer.

Another reason tablet owners enjoy the device so much is the app availability, namely in the entertainment area. If you’re on the go, and you have a long journey ahead of you (or even a short one), it’s nice to have some entertainment options. The apps and widgets make it easier for users to instantly get access to social networking, music and videos, games, or e-books for example. These options are only a tap away. In short, a tablet is fun and very convenient, especially for commuters.

Will tablets replace PCs? Probably not. However, it will definitely affect PC and laptop sales, but currently you are likely to use a tablet as a supporting device (and for fun). You will still use a desktop PC or laptop for work-related purposes, such as text documents or presentations. Tablets are relatively new, which means there’s a lot of room for improvement. And as technology is moving fast, tablets may become worthy competitors for the desktop PC in the future. But for now, in terms of computer usage, the PC is a basic need and the tablet can be considered a luxury item.

Do you think tablets will completely replace PCs?