Windows 10 — Operating System for the Next Generation

As we can clearly see, Microsoft has discovered the importance of moving forward while not leaving behind the things that made Windows the most popular operating system in the first place. With Windows 10, Microsoft incorporated many of the beneficial aspects of 8 that worked well on Windows phones and tablets, but now has returned many of the things we love from the previous desktop versions. We also finally get to enjoy Cortana without having to be on a mobile device. But Microsoft isn’t done yet.

Why the Start Menu Is So Important

The one thing that made Windows 8 unusable to many longtime fans of the operating system was the drastic Start menu change. It basically wasn’t there at all. In Windows 10, we get to enjoy the old menu with some new additions.

Right next to your Start menu on a Windows 10 desktop is Cortana. You don’t even have to open a browser to search. You can type in the taskbar box or just speak to Cortana if you enable the speech option. You can even set reminder notices for meetings and projects that you have to work on, and Cortana will alert you so you don’t need little reminder notes all over the office.

Apps Are Good

Whether you are using Windows 10 on a mobile or desktop device, you have access to the growing number of apps for Windows devices. This addition helps to streamline the operating system and make it workable across devices rather than requiring a completely unique operating system for mobile and desktop.

Plus, Microsoft has stepped up its web browser usability, replacing the virtually unusable Explorer with Edge. Edge is particularly useful on touchscreen devices, although using the drawing tool with your mouse to edit directly on the screen can be fun too.

Is This Operating System the Final Iteration of Windows?

There are rumors that Windows 10 may be the final version of the operating system and that future updates and enhancements will just be additions to Windows 10. Whether or not that is the way Microsoft intends to go, and how long it will last, remain to be seen.