Windows 10: Will It Really Be an Improvement Over the Windows 8 Frustrations?

If you bought a PC in the past couple of years and were not ready for Windows 8, then you probably suffered some serious shock and frustration over the vast changes made to the flagship operating system. One reason Microsoft may have dropped the ball with the updated interface is that that the PC market (like the laptop market) is now split, with quite a few machines having a touch screen. Thus, Microsoft appears to have developed a PC OS that belonged on tablets and smartphones but was difficult to navigate with a keyboard and mouse. If you have been a Windows user for years, then you know that they seem to get things right about every other time. Does that mean Windows 10 (yes, they skipped 9) will be the next successful venture for Microsoft?

One of the most frustrating things about Windows 8 for new users was the Start Menu or the distinct lack of one. Oh sure, it says start in the corner, but just clicking on that innocent looking button will make most users groan. Suddenly the screen is filled with tiles instead of the familiar menu. Have no fear. Windows 10 is bringing our precious Start menu back, just the way it used to be. If you have grown accustomed to the tiles (or use a 2-in-1 device), there is no cause for concern. They will still be there, just in a less intrusive manner. The tiles have been moved, thankfully, to the sidebar. It is really the best of both worlds.

Windows 10 has placed the focus back where it should be, on functionality. That means an added Task View feature that will resemble application managers that have long been available for Linux and OS X users. Also, with monitors having greater and greater resolutions, Microsoft has added a quarter screen feature in order to allow the user to view four open windows on one screen rather than just having to tile them horizontally or vertically.

We still have at least a few months to wait before Microsoft starts rolling out the new OS, but by the end of the year, you can expect every new PC to be providing users with a much better interface.