Wireless Hearing Aid

New Hearing Aid Allows for Apple Device Streaming

A new type of wireless hearing aid—LiNX, “made for iPhone hearing aid”—has been developed by ReSound that allows Apple users to connect wirelessly to their mobile devices that transmits and amplifies sounds using Bluetooth technology.

Instead of having to hold your device up to the ear with the hearing aid in place, the device can stream directly into the ear, much like when a person uses a Bluetooth headset. LiNX operates on a 2.4 GHz signal on par with modern wireless headphone technology, and it also works with the latest IOS software, so battery power is not drained rapidly.

A person using LiNX can listen to music on an iPhone, iPod, iTouch, or iPad. Other features allow one to preset the volume of the music utilizing GPS software. Music can be preprogrammed to be louder at the gym and quieter in places where other sounds need to be heard.

ReSound claims that LiNX will be an effective wireless hearing aid for a majority of people who experiences hearing loss.  The device is currently on the market and retails around 00.

Hearing loss is experienced by both the young and the old. LiNX may inspire younger avid technology consumers with hearing deficiencies to seek proper treatment and not be ashamed of using a wireless hearing aid that looks like an ordinary headset. For the older patrons, LiNX may encourage them to incorporate technology into their lives while finding joy again in music and other diverting endeavors. All in all, LiNX is heading in the right direction to integrate technology to benefit one’s quality of life.