Wireless Network Security

Wireless Network Security Woes Continue

There are different ways to make sure that a wireless network is safe. One method, the wireless equivalent privacy, or WEP, is now considered not as safe as it once were. New research is showing that hard-to-crack wireless security measures, such as using two Wi-Fi protected access, or WPAs, can now be easily broken into. Experts are now encouraging programmers to focus on removing weaknesses from wireless network security systems to prevent further network break-ins.

Wireless internet has made our lives easy in a lot of ways. The convenience of having your phone, computer, TV, and tablet all connected is unmatched. However, with fluid technology comes great risk: It would not be too difficult for someone to hack into the signal that is going between the devices. Most people are willing to take the risk because connecting wirelessly is way easier than having to connect individually using a cable connection.

But, there’s hope. Wireless network security can be achieved if the network setup is done correctly. A system that uses WPA2 can be secure. Depending on the device, you can choose to use temporal key integrity protocol (TKIP) or counter mode cipher block chaining message authentication code protocol (counter mode CBC-MAC protocol or simply CCMP) encryption options to significantly increase security.

Studies have shown a WPA2 password can be broken into, but the longer the password, the harder it will be to break into. On the other hand, if a hacker has what he needs, the deauthentication part of the wireless is more vulnerable. Routers that use WPA2 every so often have to reauthenticate devices. Each time that this happens a new key is used. Researchers claim that this process leaves a door open temporarily, but that window of time might be all the hacker needs to break in. Even if you keep access limited to devices that have a certain identification, the media access control on these devices is still vulnerable.

While research continues crack down on wireless network security issues, Wi-Fi network owners should use the safest security available to them with the most complicated password.