With increasing concerns about cyber security, there are many new and improved options for password management. Unfortunately, password managers built into browsers come with some serious deficits. So, we have been investigating some of the popular password management apps. We recently tried Dashlane, and here is what we’ve found:

If auto-logins and auto-filling forms are a priority for you, you will find Dashlane usually does the job (but not always). We also found that Dashlane synchronizes sensitive data across all of your devices securely and efficiently. However, Dashlane is more costly than many of its competitors, and we found some flaws that make us question the value of that extra expenditure:

Although Dashlane is a respectable password manager, we didn’t find it was worth the extra expense in its current release. However, we are in the process of researching other options.




  • Good auto-filling
  • Synchronizes sensitive data across all your devices


  • Conflicts with the Chrome browser
  • Dashlane support must be contacted to change master passwords
  • Inadequate email support
  • Sharing function is difficult to navigate