Sophos Intercept X/Endpoint XDR

The unprecedented growth in remote access work was a windfall for cybercriminals. The expanded remote workforce dramatically increased the number of vulnerable network endpoints. Cell phones, laptops and other networked devices are all potential entry points for cyberattacks. Remote-access work has sparked a 400% increase in cybercrime over the past several years and securing endpoints is now a vital part of cyber security.

Our team tested Sophos Intercept X Endpoint XDR. It is billed as a "set and forget" all-in-one cyber security endpoint solution. The good news is that it seemed to live up to most of that reputation. Once we installed it, here's what we found:

Sophos Intercept X Endpoint XDR substantially decreased malware and ransomware events in our tests. In fact, since installed, it has literally found and stopped thousands of potential malware threats, including infected emails, malicious websites and worms. Sophos Intercept X Endpoint identifies the problem, helps the user analyze and mitigate the source and rolls back any effects that may have impacted the device. Also, combining Sophos Intercept X Endpoint XDR with Sophos Central Console creates a powerful and easy-to-use dashboard from which the user can manage all installations and cyber events. What's great about XDR (Extended Detection and Response) is that it automatically captures and correlates data across multiple layers of cyber security in email, servers, endpoints, networks and cloud workloads, thereby allowing for faster response times and quicker security analyses.

For the consumer, we found that Sophos Intercept X Endpoint was easy to install and deploy. Also, with Sophos, machines are automatically updating all the time, a feature that further underscores the "set and forget" claims and catches even the newest malware unleashed by cybercriminals. Furthermore, when cyber threats were detected, a message was sent directly to the administrator and robust reporting helped us to quickly define the threat and analyze if changes should be made to our best practices to avoid similar potential infections in the future.

Our test team found that Sophos Intercept X is a very robust anti-virus platform that is user-friendly and comprehensive in protecting devices from cyberattacks. We highly recommend this product.




  • Sophos Intercept X is a superior product for preventing malware infections and rolling back any effects from the infections
  • Combining it with Sophos Central affords users a user-friendly dashboard from which all installations and cyber events can be managed
  • Easy to install and deploy
  • Continually updates malware definitions
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Administrative alerts


  • None so far