Gmail Hacking: How to Secure Gmail Accounts From Hackers

Summary: This 2-3 minute blog examines how Gmail hacking targets your Google accounts and what you can do to stop them. Contact GEEKAID Computer and Network Support, the IT experts, at to discuss their cyber security services and how they can secure your email and develop your home or SMB’s overall cyber security plan.

Many people and businesses around the world have a substantial online presence. Unfortunately, in the realm of cyber security, the bigger the online presence, the bigger the target for cybercriminals to exploit. Therefore, the fact that Google has almost 2 billion Gmail users makes Gmail a gigantic target landscape for hackers.

Securing Your Gmail Account

There is a fundamental Gmail security protocol available to all Gmail users: strong login passwords and two-step verification Gmail protection:

Google Account Security Check

Google provides a free and easy-to-use security screening test called a Google Security Checkup. A Google Security Checkup is a good way to check and protect your account from outside targeted attacks. In addition, the checkup will advise you of all third-party access to your data and allow you to identify any unauthorized access and remove any programs with extensive access to your private data. Finally, by following the Google prompts, you can secure your account.

Google’s Confidential Mode

By selecting to run in Confidential Mode, Google allows automatic encryption of emails and a setting to autodelete certain emails on an expiration date that the user selects.

Save PDF Backups of Your Email

A cyberattack is still possible even when taking extra steps to secure your emails. By saving important emails to PDF, in the event of an attack, you will still be able to retrieve the critical contents of those emails.

Cyber Security Services for Your Home or SMB

Unfortunately, many users do not avail themselves of the cyber security tools available. Whether you work from home or in an office, you might not be aware of all the new threats to your emails, computer, network and all your devices without the assistance of a professional IT Consulting Service. IT professionals can assess all your specific needs and all aspects of your computer systems and networks, recommend solutions and keep your system running smoothly from the start. A modest investment in professional IT assistance is a smart way to protect your private data and get the most out of computers, networks, mobile devices and all your online activities freeing up your time to concentrate on more substantial business or personal tasks.

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