Is Getting Hacked Simply a Matter of Time?

According to the Director of the FBI, the answer is yes. And many experts agree that if a hacker wants into your network, it is virtually impossible to stop it from happening. The fact is, however, getting hacked is often the user’s fault, to one degree or another.

How Are People Hacked?

Consider the following stats that lead to vulnerabilities:

The fact is threats come from within, and not just from a disgruntled or greedy employee. Often, the vulnerability is the result of a genuine mistake on the part of an innocent employee who has either not been trained properly to detect a scam or who just isn’t being cautious enough.

Should You Bother with Security?

The short answer is yes. The fact that you may get hacked anyway shouldn’t move you to leave yourself open to attack. Think about the theft of a car. The first thing the insurance company will ask is whether the car was locked and if the alarm was set. If you say no, they may not even have to pay. Likewise, your customers will expect you to have done all you can to avoid a data breach. There may even be lawsuits or a fine from a government agency if the proper protection is not in place.

Whether getting hacked is simply a matter of time or not, companies have no excuse for lax data security measures.